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Any additions, corrections or comments are welcome. Power Amplifiers. Control Centers. Electronic Crossovers.

McIntosh MC440 AMP Amplifiers

CD Changers. Speakers and Speaker Systems. MCM wx2, wx4 m. MC 4 channel X 50w. Includes built-in electronic crossover with separate high pass and low pass filters. Power Guard. Ported tunnel forced-air cooling. Multi-stage thermal protection. Input level controls. Transient protection. Gold plated terminals.

Allows internal installation of McIntosh parametric equalizer modules. Sold from Does not allow internal installation of McIntosh parametric equalizer modules. MC 2 channels X 30w. Power guard. MC 2 channels X 50w. Includes built-in electronic crossover with selectable high pass and low pass filters. MC 2 channels X w. Ported tunnel forced air cooling. MC 4 channel. MC 4 channel X w. MC 6 channel.A Watt per channel stereo amplifier, the MC is a great choice to power virtually any home audio system.

The MC has received numerous improvements compared to our previous Watt stereo amplifier. This increase means the MC will be even better suited to handle wide dynamic swings in your music. Distortion prevention and bass performance also benefit from the increased filter capacity.

McIntosh MC402 Amplifiers

It is perhaps the finest, most sophisticated amplifier I have heard in its price range in my system. While still looking very much like a McIntosh, the MC has received some key design updates. Direct LED backlighting now illuminates the front panel for improved color accuracy.

The audio output Autoformers still straddle the power transformer, but are now located in new enclosures that are capped by a single cover containing glass inserts that show the wiring diagram for each transformer.

Numerous circuit components and internal wiring have also been upgraded. The MC sits on a beautiful polished stainless steel chassis and features the timeless McIntosh black glass front panel, illuminated logo, control knobs, aluminum end caps and a pair of fast responding blue Watt meters.

Welcome to the family of McIntosh owners. Your Product has been designed to give many years of trouble-free performance. Therefore, please read this Warranty carefully, because it contains rights, as well as limitations, exclusions, and obligations, which in the event of such a failure may be very important to you.

If after reading it thoroughly, you have any questions about the Warranty, please do not hesitate to write or telephone McIntosh at the address or phone number shown on the back of this warranty. Please note that this is the only Warranty which McIntosh provides for your Product, and that no one, including your dealer, has any authority to either modify or expand upon this Warranty.

mcintosh mc431 power amplifier

If your dealer has offered or made any warranties or representations concerning the Product which differ from those contained in this Warranty, they are strictly between you and the dealer, and will neither be binding upon McIntosh nor change any of the provisions in this Warranty. Please also note, that if your Product ever does require Warranty service, obtaining such service will be much easier if you have completed and returned the enclosed Warranty Registration Card.

So please take a minute to fill out and return the Registration Card now, before you become too distracted by the great sounds coming from your new McIntosh Product! If you have any questions please contact McIntosh at or feedback mcintoshlabs. Eligible for online purchase? Add to Wishlist Remove From Wishlist. Print this page. Ask an Expert. MI 8-Channel Digital Amplifier Watts into 8 Ohms Watts into 4 Ohms 8-Channel amplifier for distributed audio, home theater or stereo listening Channel summing circuits for easy mono signal distribution.

C 2-Channel Vacuum Tube Preamplifier. D 2-Channel Digital Preamplifier. MT5 Precision Turntable. MB50 Streaming Audio Player. MPC Power Controller. XR Floor Standing Loudspeaker. Speaker Cables. Balanced Audio Cables. Please enter your name. Please enter your last name. Please enter your phone number. Please enter your email.Perfect for someone looking for an active system or a high end sound quality set up.

These amps are harder and harder to come by especially in good working condition. The plate on the amp is not correct model but I will include so it will cosmetically look better.

The model on the amp is MC not mc Please read carefully. Personally had this amp inspected by Dirk Ecker who was the engineer behind US amps. Amps had early tube amps and their Merlin series. These amps were some of the finest amplifiers ever built Period. Mcintosh took their home design theories and applied them to car audio to make these beautiful amplifiers. Includes built-in electronic crossover with separate high pass and low pass filters.

Power Guard. Ported tunnel forced-air cooling.

McIntosh MC152 HiFI Power Amplifier Full Review - Long but worth watching with a cup of tea

Multi-stage thermal protection. Input level controls. Transient protection. Gold plated terminals. Allows internal installation of McIntosh parametric equalizer modules.

A very underrated powerful and truly nice sounding amp. Please check my feedback and buy with confidence. Super high amount of views. Great seller with very good positive feedback and over 50 ratings. Like us on Facebook. See Details on eBay Search Swurl. Recent Feedback.Review By Anthony Nicosia. After spending seven years in Silver Springs Maryland they moved to a newly built facility in Binghamton, New York where they remain to this very day.

Let it be known that I am no stranger to McIntosh Audio gear. Various McIntosh products throughout the years have entered and unfortunately left this humble abode yet there are still two pieces with me today. Guests are amazed when shown my original McIntosh MC tube power amplifier they were built from and a near museum quality tube MR FM tuner with the optional slant leg wooden cabinet produced from Of course they do and it is always my pleasure to let people experience just how good they still sound.

The high prices McIntosh products bring on the used market are a direct reflection of their ability to last throughout the years. Quality and reliability are two words synonymous with McIntosh audio equipment. McIntosh Labs still produces many high quality products with designs that are eye candy for audiophiles and with sonic capabilities to match. It would take too long to go into all the various legendary products McIntosh has sold throughout the years or are currently offering today.

Gee did I forget to mention they also design a belt-driven turntable complete with tone -arm and cartridge. As you can see an entire system from beginning to end could be purchased with just one visit to your local McIntosh dealer. Spend some time reading over product details on their web-site then head on down to your local dealer and treat yourself to a day of fun and excitement as you experience these products first hand.

It weighs in at pounds sans shipping carton and pounds with. Therefore it is best to have a strong friend or two to help carry it into your house for placement within your audio system. Luckily my twenty-one year old son was there to assist me in lifting it on top of my audio rack. This amplifier was definitely meant to be displayed with its beautiful front faceplate featuring two large easy to read watt meters and two equally attractive aluminum side handles.

Two small LED lights located in-between these meters tell when the Power Guard circuit is activated for either or both channels more on that later. Of course there is also an IEC outlet to the delight of those with high performance power cables. It would seem that the designers at McIntosh Labs rightly assumed most owners would want their MC openly displayed front and rear rather than left behind closed audio cabinet doors.

Located directly behind that beautiful front panel are two Autoformers and in between them one very large thirty pound output transformer. You also have ample cooling fins which McIntosh lists at being more than square inches worth. These fins are to help keep your from overheating without using large fans and that familiar accompanying fan noise found on some amplifiers. Close by and hidden from view are four rather large main filter capacitors rated for storing over Joules of energy.

As for internal designs this one has plenty. Each half of the amplifier contains complimentary balanced circuitry. The resulting Quad Balanced configuration cancels even order distortion. Its Sentry Monitor system is a short-circuit protection device, no fuses needed, to disengage the output stage before damage can be done. This system continually monitors both voltage and current at the output stage keeping it within safe limits and will afterward automatically resets itself.

Enough of this though for all we really need to know is how does it sound? So let us move forward now and experience all the MC has to offer in a real world environment. These loudspeakers are great at revealing the voice of any associated equipment that has been my privilege to put in front of them, whether CD players, turntables, cables, preamplifiers or amplifiers.

mcintosh mc431 power amplifier

It is my pleasure to inform you the answer is both yes and no. Yes in that it sounded clear and holographic with good detail but no in that it had a more solid lower bass foundation enhanced by all that extra power factory stated at watts minimum. As for dynamics the life of music in a word YES! The snapping of fingers in the beginning had a realistic quality about it as did all vocals. Never did music feel restrained but rather open and forceful with plenty of power behind each note.

The feeling that you could tap into an almost limitless supply of clean clear musical energy prevailed throughout this review tempting me to turn up the volume more than was normal for my listening pleasure.A one-of-a-kind, ultimate solution for bi-amping loudspeakers: a Watt vacuum tube amplifier and a Watt solid state amplifier on one chassis.

Where your Legendary Experience begins. Find your local dealer or chose from our list of authorized online resellers.

mcintosh mc431 power amplifier

Founded inMcIntosh is known for offering distinguished home audio systems that deliver the ultimate experience in music and film. Offering products for two-channel stereo sound systems and multi-channel home theaters with surround sound, McIntosh continues to define the ultimate home audio entertainment experience for discriminating listeners around the world.

Our iconic blue Watt output meter is globally recognized as a symbol of quality home audio.

Live the Legendary Performance.

With a McIntosh home stereo system or home theater, listeners have the ability to create their own luxury audio experience — and truly live their music.

Live the Legendary Performance. MC Dual Mono Amplifier A one-of-a-kind, ultimate solution for bi-amping loudspeakers: a Watt vacuum tube amplifier and a Watt solid state amplifier on one chassis. MA Integrated Amplifier Hybrid design that combines the finest of vacuum tube and solid state.

View all New Products. Not sure about what would meet your listening needs and environment? Explore our sample systems for inspiration.

McIntosh MC420M, MC431M Owner's Manual

MA Integrated Amplifier Helps you achieve audio perfection. C53 Stereo Preamplifier Ready to serve your home audio needs for years. Find Local Dealer.What to do with a company that seems hell bent on replacing or upgrading practically every component in their very deep product line? The MC is replacing the MC Stereo Power Amplifier which has been around in its current guise since and has had its innards girded to the tune of a nearly 50 per cent boost in filter capacity yielding a 66 per cent increase in dynamic headroom from 1.

The MC features both balanced and unbalanced outputs making bi-amping and tri-amping easier, or for feeding a second system or — there's more — home theatre people should smile connect a subwoofer.

Submitted by Anton on July 3, - pm Given the current marketplace, that prices is lower than I expected! A full Mac-Stack is on my list of things to get if the lottery ever goes my way. Separate from the cult appeal of the blue meters, the MC is well respected for its performance.

The new MC appears to be even better, particularly for its dynamic range. Separately, the MC is a real sleeper. It has Autoformers. Search form Search. McIntosh MC Quad Balanced Power Amplifier replaces MC What to do with a company that seems hell bent on replacing or upgrading practically every component in their very deep product line?

Log in or register to post comments. This is gonna sound strange, but here goes Submitted by Anton on July 3, - pm. Given the current marketplace, that prices is lower than I expected! Still beyond my means, but less painfully so. With transformers that size Submitted by mskaye on July 3, - pm. I doubt it is class D. Submitted by jimx on July 3, - pm. For that price, McIntosh should be offering Submitted by Ortofan on July 3, - pm. MC also Submitted by Richard D.

George on July 9, - pm. Might be a component worth reviewing. What does this have to do with computer audio? Submitted by nick on July 16, - pm. That is what this site is about, right? Chain of playback is what it's about Submitted by Rafe Arnott on July 17, - pm. Hi, If you like to listen to computer audio through a two-channel or multi-channel setup, you'll need an amplifier to hook up your speakers to. Unless you just like to plug in your headphones into your Android, or iDevice or your computer and forego the whole stereo thing I'm a bit more into the whole holistic playback chain that makes computer audio compete, or beat traditional analog playback chains Turntable, reel-to-reel, cassette, CD — what have you, that are then connected to preamps, amps, speakers, etc.

You get where I'm going.A patent was granted that same year for the Unity Coupled circuit and transformer. A week after the MC's arrival I saw for myself, on a guided tour of the plant, how it all comes together. What are you? The solid-state MC power amplifier replaces the MC and is now the most powerful stereo amplifier McIntosh offers, with a specified continuous power output of Wpc into 2, 4, or 8 ohms, and peak output current of 75 amperes per channel.

The MC's distortion is specified as not exceeding 0. In the MC, which operates in class-AB, the concept of complementary pairs is taken to an extreme. What McIntosh has created is a push-pull amp in which each phase of the signal waveform is itself amplified by a push-pull output section: There are two complete push-pull amplifiers in each channel, their outputs combined in what McIntosh refers to as a Quad Balanced architecture.

Beginning in with their first transistor amp, the MC, McIntosh has used output-stage Autoformers to optimize impedance matching between output devices and loudspeaker loads, as well as to protect the latter from DC. Fifty-two years later, an output-stage Autoformer allows the company to combine the outputs of multiple push-pull amps in a manner that, they say, has unprecedented distortion-cancelling capabilities. This is also how the MC can deliver the same Wpc output to its pairs of 2, 4, or 8 ohm speaker taps.

This cool running is in part achieved through what McIntosh describes as their current-generation ThermalTrak Power Transistors; the MC's power output circuit monitors their temperature and adjusts bias accordingly. Another reason is the extensive, heavy-duty heatsinking built into the rear half of the MC Also visible from that vantage is evidence of McIntosh's pride in the MC's lineage: circuit block diagrams handsomely adorn the top plate.

At The black glass faceplate proudly displays two large meters backlit in McIntosh blue, each about 5. The meters' upper scale is calibrated in watts, to indicate the MC's output: the large numbers top out atand after that, in smaller numbers, come "" and "1. The rest of the front panel is minimalist. There are only two control knobs: the one at left, labeled Meter, turns the meters' Lights Off if desired; the Watts setting shows you real-time meter readings, while Hold lets the needles linger on peak output levels before slowly resuming action.

The rear end of the MC is straightforward. In addition to the six pairs of speaker output taps sticking straight up from the shallow rear deck are AC in, a fuse bay, and, jutting out horizontally from the rear panel, pairs of balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs.

One small switch lets you select between balanced and unbalanced operation, and with another you can enable or disable the Auto Off function, which shuts down the MC after it hasn't sensed an input signal for 30 minutes. I particularly liked McIntosh's patented gold-plated speaker binding posts. Each has two moving parts, which you first tighten with your fingers, then tighten a further quarter-turn with a small wrench suppliedfor a snug connection.

System and setup Not wanting to face too many variables, and to give the MC enough time to break in, I spent my first days with my system unchanged, listening to my Harbeth Central upstate New York, where I live, benefits from ample clean power, but kicking that power's quality up a big notch is my AudioQuest Niagara power-line conditioner.

The two amplifiers in my reference system that had preceded the MC, a solid-state and a single-ended tube design, each produced some level of hum, as well as noise through my speakers, that I could never eliminate.


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Mcintosh mc431 power amplifier
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